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Welcome to TwelveOaksOnline.com!

The Official Community Website of Twelve Oaks.

Twelve Oaks is a community of just under one thousand homes built in the early 70’s. During the succeeding time, Twelve Oaks has undergone continual upgrades and improvements. We are a diverse community but one that is increasingly united. We are represented by three organizations, each of which plays its unique role in the betterment of our subdivision.

Twelve Oaks Greenway

The oldest organization is what is now called the Twelve Oaks Civic Association, or TOCA. TOCA acts as the eyes and ears of our community and addresses projects and improvements for the good of the subdivision. The larger projects are funded by tax dollars collected for specific use by Twelve Oaks. (The next paragraph describes that source of funding.) In addition, over the years TOCA has sponsored and staged a number of annual community events in which large numbers of residents participate. These include the annual garage sale, Christmas luminaries, visits from Santa, a community picnic, a Community Cleanup (Dumpster Day), and volunteer receptions. Association meetings with guest speakers sharing valuable information about the community are held quarterly (February, May, August, November). TOCA is responsible for “The ACORN”, our community newsletter. Once you have seen this monthly newsletter, we know that you will agree that it is one of the finest publications of its kind. With financial support and participation from our residents and the dedicated efforts of volunteers, the Twelve Oaks Civic Association (TOCA) has and will continue to make noticeable improvements in our neighborhood. TOCA seeks to provide residents with resources and information that is helpful in their everyday lives, with the goal being to make Twelve Oaks a better community in which to live. Annual dues are only $10 plus any extra contribution you wish to make. Please join TOCA, your community civic association. We need your support! The returns to the community are immeasurable.

Lake view along Twelve Oaks Blvd

Twelve Oaks is also a “special tax district”. This means that your property taxes include a specific tax category that goes entirely to Twelve Oaks. The Twelve Oaks Special District, TOSD, administers those funds and has provided the money for many major capital improvements. For example, the wall surrounding our subdivision and the entrance signs were funded (and are maintained) through taxpayers’ taxes administered by the Board of Trustees for the TOSD. The TOSD has done an outstanding job as stewards of our tax dollars.

There is a third organization that is vital to our security and peace of mind--The Twelve Oaks Neighborhood Watch Program. This volunteer organization is on the front line of our defense against crime and vandalism in our community. Support Neighborhood Watch with your time and your effort. Not only you, but also all residents will benefit from your participation.

The ACORN (our monthly newsletter) will keep you current on the happenings in Twelve Oaks and includes a good list of contacts if you have questions or concerns. We also communicate with our residents by email. Be SURE to give your current email address to Neighborhood Watch and TOCA so that you will be kept informed about community news.

We’re glad you’re here and we sincerely hope that you will participate in our various community events. We believe that Twelve Oaks is a premiere place to live and we look for your help in maintaining and advancing that position.

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