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Twelve Oaks News

Grand_Hacienda_Mexican_Restaurant logoThe Twelve Oaks' Ladies Social Group will meet for lunch at Grand Hacienda Restaurant, located at 11955 Sheldon Rd, (across from The Outback) on Monday, September 27th at 11:30 am. We would love for you to join us. Consider inviting a neighbor, friend, or relative!

Interested? Contact Marsha at 625.9186 or Rosemarie at 885.5753.

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Houses clipart

Internal Concerns: They say, “You shouldn't judge a book by its cover”, but let’s face it, we do. Every homeowner knows how important it is to stay on top of property maintenance in order to keep a home good condition. The bad news is that an unkept or neglected home can do a lot of damage to a neighborhood. The good news is that it doesn't take a great deal of effort to change this. Simply stated, it pays to update the exterior of your home. New paint or siding can go a long way toward increasing the value of a home. New windows and doors can also increase home value and will help to cut on energy costs.

Boost curb appeal – keep your yard and surroundings of your home neat and clean. Mow, edge along the sidewalk, driveway, and street, trim trees or shrubs near to the house, rake the yard, and clean up any garbage. You may even decide to add attractive plants and flowers. By doing this you are not only giving a great impression of your home and neighborhood but you are also increasing your home’s value. You can help improve the looks of your neighborhood and help to maintain and increase property values in Twelve Oaks. Check out the following suggestions:
bullet Unsightly trash or litter in front of homes including non-working appliances, broken lawn mowers, discarded furniture and old carpeting, broken mirrors, ladders, empty chlorine containers, flat bed trailers, garbage cans, etc., etc., that are placed in front of homes or on the front-side yard so that they can be seen by your neighbors, do not make attractive lawn ornaments nor do they increase property values. Please place these items in your own back yard or garage.
bullet Weeds grow all year in Florida! There are a number of yards in Twelve Oaks that need attention. Step outside and take a good look at your own yard. Is it time to mow?
bullet Utilize your garage, your driveway, or the street in front of your home and not park your vehicles on front lawns or over sidewalks that block pedestrian traffic. Fire hydrants and mailboxes should not be blocked at any time.
bullet Are you guilty? Yard waste, garbage bins, and recycle bins should be kept out of sight until the evening before pick-up. Please DO NOT store the containers or even bags of yard waste in the front of your home.
bullet Back yards should not become trash dumps. Do you stash unsightly items in your back yard? Be aware there are code restrictions that address problems of junk, trash, and debris and overgrowth of lawns and weeds. In a compact neighborhood such as ours, one is not allowed to create conditions that endanger the health or safety of others. Accumulations such as these provide ideal breeding grounds for insects, rodents, reptiles, and other creatures that don’t respect property lines and will migrate to your neighbor’s property, something they will not appreciate. If reported, Code Enforcement will cite those who allow their back yards to become a dump
bullet Mailboxes — There are many “sad looking” mailboxes in Twelve Oaks. Is yours one of them? If so, think about replacing it.
bullet Spruce up the outside! There are a number of homes in the Twelve Oaks whose exteriors are marked by mold, mildew, dry rot, and lack of paint. Consider pressure washing and / or painting.
bullet Did you forget something? There are still homes with icicle lights dangling from rooftops. Guess what? It’s past time to pack away Christmas decorations.

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Volunteer NeededVolunteer Needed! Trustees of the Twelve Oaks Special District (TOSD) are committed to helping homeowners know and understand how their tax dollars are allocated. We make information transparent and easy to understand. Homeowner’s property taxes include a specific tax category that goes entirely to Twelve Oaks. The Twelve Oaks Special District, TOSD, administers those funds and has provided the money for major capital improvements. For example, the wall surrounding our subdivision and the entrance signs were funded and are maintained through taxpayers’ taxes administered by the Board of Trustees. TOSD monies are used to maintain all common areas including the entrances and the islands throughout the community, for the FHP patrols, for maintaining the quality of water in the two ponds, for street sweeping, and for making improvements to the community.

There is an opening for a Trustee on the Board. Homeowners are encouraged to volunteer and to share their priorities with the Board of Trustees. If you are interested and would like to serve on this Board, we invite you to attend the September 8th TOSD meeting. Due to COVID19 the meeting is scheduled to be a ZOOM meeting at 7:00 pm. Residents will be notified by email and on Facebook of the virtual meeting and how to connect.

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What reduces property values in a neighborhood?

  • Overgrowth (yard not cared for)
  • Accumulations of junk, trash, debris
  • Vehicles, trailers, boats parked on front yards
  • Commercial vehicles parked overnight and on weekends
Are you responsible? It’s time to turn eyesores into assets.

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Little Lending LibraryLibrary Boxes are located at the canal area on Overbrook and biy the smaller pond on Twelve Oaks Blvd. Residents,especially children, are encouraged to stop by and pick up a book to read and enjoy. When finished, simply return the book and select another. If you have books you would like to doate for the library, contact Mercita at 810.5284 or email her at vnramos@netzero.com.
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Being a Good NeighborGood neighbors respect their property and their neighbors.

Good neighbors:
  • Keep their lawns mowed and edged, and yards free of junk, trash, and debris.
  • Keep cars and boats off the lawn.
  • Place trash out for collection the night before, not days before.
  • Keep the sidewalks clear.
  • Keep trashcans out of sight.
  • Watch out for their neighbors.
Are you a good neighbor?

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Please Don't LitterUnsightly Trash or Litter in front of homes including non-working appliances, broken lawn mowers, discarded furniture and old carpeting, broken mirrors, ladders, empty chlorine containers, flat bed trailers, garbage cans, etc., etc., that are placed in front of homes or on the front-side yard so that they can be seen by your neighbors, do not make attractive lawn ornaments nor do they increase property values. Please place these items in your own back yard or garage.

A Community Cleanup – ‘Dumpster Day’ is planned for November 13th. This will be good day to dispose of unwanted junk, trash, debris from your garage or yard. Look for details in the November Acorn.

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Report Damaged or Missing Road SignsReporting Damaged Signs Can Help Save Lives: Hillsborough County staff cannot be aware of every sign in need of repair. Residents are asked to keep a watchful eye on the condition of signs in our neighborhood and along the roads you drive every day. See a damaged, knocked-down, vandalized, or missing sign? See a sign that is not visible due to an overhanging tree? Let the County know: Call Public Works at 813.635.5400.

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Street light outStreetlight Out or Malfunctioning? If you know about a malfunctioning streetlight, you can report it quickly and easily to Tampa Electric Company. Simply use the convenient online “Lights Out” form you will find at tampaelectric.com or call 813.223.0800. Provide the location of the light and the 10-digit number that is located on the green tag on the front of the pole or the 6-digit number on the silver tag.

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Twelve Oaks Annual
Community Garage Sale

Saturday, October 16, 2021
(Rain date 10/23/18)
Twelve Oaks Annual Community Garage Sale

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July 2021 Bike Parade
Lighted Bike Parade

TOCA sponsored the July 3rd Lighted Bike Parade. Prior to the start of the parade bike riders gathered on the east side of the lake on Twelve Oaks Boulevard and enjoyed hotdogs and drinks supplied by TOCA. It had been a rainy day but participants wanted to celebrate as much as they could. Many riders donned their bikes with colorful lights and streamers. They rode through the neighborhood with patriotic music playing. A few of our neighbors were out on their lawns and driveways cheering on the bike parade as it passed by.

A special thanks to Don Richardson and Mercita Ramos for once again organizing this year’s event.

  • Children’s July Parade - This year’s Children’s Fourth of July Parade sponsored by TOCA was cancelled due to rain. Participants were notified and craft kits and treats were distributed to them so they could enjoy some rainy-day fun at their home. A special thank you to Sue Pritchard for once again organizing this year’s event.
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BudgetTOSD Trustees Approve 2021-2022 Budget — Following a public comment period and board discussion at the July Tax District meeting, the TOSD Board of Trustees approved the budget for fiscal year 2021 – 22. The proposed budget has been available for the last 3 months in the Acorn and on our community website. The assessment for 2021-22 will remain at $150.00 per household.

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Did you know?

  • The first house in Twelve Oaks was completed in 1972 and the last house was built in 1978. Twelve Oaks had three builders and there are more than 30 different models.
  • The Wynn family has lived in their home on Barry Road since 1972, longer than any other current resident.
  • When developed, Twelve Oaks was without twelve oak trees. Early resident, Glinton Darien, contacted developer Jim Shimberg, who donated them during phase one construction.
  • The Twelve Oaks Swim and Tennis Club was located on Armand Drive across from Woodkirk and Woodhall Drive. As years passed and families built pools of their own, membership dwindled. Eventually, the facility fell into disrepair, requiring costly improvements. Unable to fund the necessary repairs the club went into foreclosure and was sold in 1985.
  • During the seventies several Buccaneer players and coaches made their homes in Twelve Oaks, including Mark Cotney, Wayne Fontes, Joe Gibbs, Doug Williams, Steve Spurrier, Bill Muir, and Don Hardeman.
  • Streetlights were installed in 1978.
  • Twelve Oaks Homeowners Association was established in1979 and became TOCA in 1984 to include renters. TOSD was established in 1983 to fund the construction of the wall.
  • The first newsletter was hand delivered by volunteers in 1979. The Acorn has been published monthly and delivered to every home for over 40 years.
  • Membership in TOCA has remained at $10.00 per household/per year since 1979.
  • Neighborhood Watch was established in 1982. The neighborhood patrol began in 2000.
  • The first Garage Sale took place in October 1984.
  • Twelve Oaks was originally a fenced community. The wall construction began in 1987 and the final phase (Palmbrook area) was completed in 1995.
  • Twelve Oaks’ first website was established in early 2000.
  • The Twelve Oaks logo was changed and new entrance signs were installed in 2001.
  • Traffic Calming Speed Tables and Medians were installed in 1998.
  • The feasibility of gating our community was thoroughly investigated in the 1990s and into 2000 and is deemed a closed issue.
  • TOCA purchased and installed flags at Twelve Oaks entrances in 2002.
  • TOCA purchased and installed doggie-bag dispensers and trash receptacles starting in 2004.
  • Street sweeping began in 2005.
  • Twelve Oaks Tampa, our Group Facebook page, was started in 2015.
  • Twelve Oaks has won County awards for Best Newsletter, Most Successful Special Event, Best Website, and Best Crime Prevention Program.
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Identity TheftProtect Yourself Against Identity Theft - There are some simple steps you can take to reduce or minimize the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.
  • Practice Safe Internet Use - Delete spam emails that ask for personal information, and keep your anti-virus and anti-spy-ware software up-to-date. Shop online only with secure web pages (check the bottom of your browser for an image of a lock or look for “https” in the address bar). Never send credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information via email.
  • Destroy Private Records - Tear up or shred credit card statements, ATM credit or debit card receipts, bank deposit receipts, loan solicitations, and other documents that contain private financial information.
  • Secure Your Mail - Empty your mailbox quickly and get a mailbox lock. When mailing bill payments and checks, consider dropping them off at the post office or a secure mailbox.
  • Be Careful With Your Social Security Number - Your social security number is a major target for identity thieves because it can give them access to your credit report and bank accounts. Never carry your card with you. Instead, memorize your number and keep the card in a secure place at home or in a safe deposit box. Never write or print your social security number on checks.
  • Check Your Credit Report - At least once a year obtain and review your credit report for suspicious activity. You can request a free copy of your report at www.annualcreditreport.com or by contacting any one of the three major credit-reporting agencies.
  • Beware of Scams - Always be on the defensive with your private information. Never give out personal information to telemarketers or respond to emails from someone claiming to represent your bank, credit card issuer, a government agency, a charity, or other organization. If you think the request is legitimate, contact the company directly to confirm their claims.
Identity theftWhat can one do to prevent fraud and Identity Theft?
  • Avoid using public computers for online banking or online shopping.
  • Avoid using unknown Wi-Fi hotspots for online banking or online shopping.
  • Do not open emails from unknown sources.
  • If you believe that an email is legitimate, contact the institution to verify before proceeding.
  • Do not click on the link provided via emails, go to the site by typing the address in the web-browser.
  • Do not download software from unknown sites.
  • Do not shop at unknown sites, especially if the offer looks too good to be true.
  • Talk to your children. Ensure that they understand the risks presented by the internet. Here are two sites that help with this mission, presented by National Cyber Security Alliance, GetNetWise and Microsoft Security at Home.
  • Ensure that you have anti-virus software and that is up-to-date.
  • Enable the Personal Firewall provided by your Computer, or Internet Service Provider.
  • Download the latest security updates from your vendor, including any additional software installed after the original purchase.
Beware of Internet Pirates and Phone Solicitors
Protect Your Personal Financial Information

Identity theftIf you provide the requested information, you may find yourself the victim of identity theft. Here's the good news: You have the power to stop them.
  • Never provide personal financial information, including your Social Security number, account numbers, or passwords, over the phone or the Internet if you did not initiate the contact. Never click on the link provided in an e-mail you believe is fraudulent. It may contain a virus that can contaminate your computer.
  • Do not be intimidated by an e-mail or caller who suggests dire consequences if you do not immediately provide or verify financial information. If you believe the contact is legitimate, go to the company's Web site by typing in the site address directly or using a page you have previously book marked, instead of a link provided in the email.
  • If you fall victim to an attack, act immediately to protect yourself. Alert your financial institution. Place fraud alerts on your credit files. Monitor your credit files and account statements closely.
  • Report suspicious e-mails or calls to the Federal Trade Commission or by calling 1-877-IDTHEFT.
If you have disclosed sensitive information in a phishing attack, you should also contact one of the three major credit bureaus and discuss whether you need to place a fraud alert on your file, which will help prevent thieves from opening a new acc#3d571ount in your name. Here is the contact information for each bureau's fraud division:

P.O. Box 740250
Atlanta, GA 30374
P.O. Box 1017
Allen, TX 75013
P.O. Box 6790
Fullerton, CA 92634

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Internal Concerns:
A Problem And An Eyesore In Twelve Oaks

Why are too many cars on a lawn a problem? The trend is clear and alarming not only in Twelve Oaks, but throughout many neighborhoods in Hillsborough County. This problem has a negative affect on neighborhoods, especially neighborhoods like Twelve Oaks that are older and more affordable and lacking up-to-date deed restrictions or mandatory associations that can enforce them.

The increasing problem of residential neighborhoods resembling parking lots, with some homeowners paving over entire lawns to squeeze seven, eight, or even nine cars, vans, or trucks in the driveway has many homeowners upset. Even one front yard with multiple cars parked haphazardly on bare, rutted earth or lined up on an oil-stained expanse of pavement has a negative impact on its entire block. Parking cars across the front yard tends to make the neighborhood look commercial rather than residential and it has a profound effect on the quality of a neighborhood. Front yards stuffed with cars reduce property values. In spite of this, we must consider both sides of this issue. The private ownership of property and the principles of liberty are treasured by homeowners. Ownership means control and there are no county code laws against parking vehicles in the yard. This is a tough issue. On one hand there is sympathy for a homeowner doing his or her thing and on the other hand there is the reality that many “long time” Twelve Oaks’ homeowners see their neighborhood as one they don’t want to lose.

Many of us are trying to hang on to our neighborhood’s beauty and its community spirit. In order to achieve this, we must work together. A good suggestion is for homeowners and renters to “clean out” the garage and park at least one vehicle inside. Another idea is to park in the driveway. Vehicles can even be parked on the street in front of the home. Street parking, like “speed bumps” is a good way to reduce speeding in a neighborhood. It is very discouraging to see cars, vans, trucks, and even boats parked all over the front yard or up to the front door of a home in Twelve Oaks. Many of us want our community to look the way it used to look. At one time Twelve Oaks was considered “the jewel of Town ‘N Country”. We want that back! Seems we don't know what we had until it is gone.

Cars parked on the front lawn of a house

Parking lot or used car lot? The photo above is of a home NOT in Twelve Oaks; however, there are several in our neighborhood that look just like this.

Isn’t it sad that there are neighbors who just don’t care?

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Sprinkler systemWater Restrictions - Twelve Oaks residents are reminded that water restrictions are in effect. It’s easy to remember your watering days. Just follow the guide below:
  • Monday and/or Thursday — addresses ending in 0,1, 2, or 3
  • Tuesday and/or Friday — addresses ending in 4, 5, or 6
  • Wednesday and/or Saturday — addresses ending in 7, 8, or 9 and locations with no addresses (common areas, entry areas).
Remember: Water before 8 am, or after 6 pm. ($500 fines enforced if you are caught violating restrictions.)

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Town 'N Country News

Town 'N Country Garden CircleThe Town ‘N Country Garden Circle will begin its 2021-22 meeting season Wednesday September 8th at 11:30 am at the Jackson Springs Community Center Annex at 8620 Jackson Springs Road. The program topic will be “Beautiful Bloomers / Fabulous Foliage – Favorite Plants in My Garden”. Members can bring starts of their favorite plants to share. Lunch will be provided by members followed by the business meeting and program.

Twelve Oaks gardeners, from brown thumbs to green thumbs, are welcome. For information about the Garden Circle contact Linda Mann at 813.886.8193.

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School NewsHelp Morgan Woods Elementary or any other schools earn credits for FREE SUPPLIES at Office Depot! Tell the sales clerk to credit your school when buying school supplies. Schools receive credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases to use for free supplies. This is a great way to help our schools.

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Jackson Springs Recreation CenterHillsborough County Recreation After School Program offers sports, play, active recreation, and homework help for children in grades K – 5. This program is offered Monday through Friday at the Jackson Springs Community Recreation Center, 8630 Jackson Springs Road. You can register your child for the traditional after school program or the adaptive recreation program for kids with special needs. Jackson Springs offers inclusion at the site. Completion of a pre-registration application and acceptance by staff into the Inclusion/adaptive recreation program is required prior to registering for this activity. For information about registering for this program call 813.554.5004. To register online go to HCFLGov.net/AfterSchool. Registration continues throughout the school year or until the center is at maximum capacity.

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Drug take back box
The Hillsborough County Drug Take-Back Initiative has installed a permanent drug take-back box just inside the door of the Hillsborough County Sheriffs District 3 Office located at 7202 Gunn Highway. Items Accepted:
  • pill bottles
  • patches
  • powders
  • sealed liquids
  • inhalers
  • drugs prescribed by veterinarians

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News At Large

Tree being prunedBeware of cut-rate prices for tree trimming - If you hire a tree trimmer who offers you a great deal, beware: Improper work can kill your tree. Uninsured workers can become a nightmare. Protect yourself by insisting on a written estimate of the work. It should include all details of the work to be performed, including debris disposal, cleaning the work area, and removal of all cut limbs. Never pay for the entire job upfront and final payment shouldn't be made until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

ISA Certified Arborist logoIt is always a good idea to inquire whether the tree trimmer is an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborist. Certified Arborists are experienced professionals who have a minimum of three years' full-time experience within the professional tree care industry and have passed an extensive examination covering all aspects of tree care. In addition, ISA certified arborists are required to complete continuing education in order to recertify. Interested in hiring an ISA certified arborist? Check out: http://www.isa-arbor.com/findArborist/findarborist.aspx.

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Mosquito seasonMosquitoes – Twelve Oaks residents are encouraged to follow these simple rules to help control the breeding of mosquitoes in their own backyards:
  • Keep all containers that can hold water in your yards empty. Mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in stagnant water!
  • Mosquitoes can breed in water that does not drain from gutters. Remember to keep you gutters clean.
  • Dump and refill all pets’ water bowls and bird baths every two to three days - that way the water doesn’t become stagnant and evolve into a “breeding site”.
  • Remove standing water from the top of pool and spa covers.
  • Cover boats with a tight fitting tarp.
  • Drill holes in tire swings. Recycle used tires or store in a covered area.
  • Try to stay indoors at dawn and dusk. If you must go outside during these times, wear long sleeved shirts and pants, and spray yourself with a mosquito repellant, preferably one that contains DEET. The label will list the chemicals. As a non-pesticide alternative, a University of Iowa found that catnip oil on your skin is 10 times more effective at keeping mosquitos at bay than DEET.
To report mosquito problems in your area or to request service, contact Mosquito Control at 635.5400. Their staff will investigate the areas where complaints originate. Staff will either treat the isolated area where they find larvae or send night drivers, with the spray trucks, out to the community to handle it.

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Math Homework Hotline logoMath Homework Hotline ― Every Thursday your child can get math help for free! Math Homework Hotline is a math help show geared primarily for middle school students. District math teachers answer phone lines from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 pm assisting students with math questions at all levels. At 6 pm the live show begins and the hosts work math problems related to the theme for the night. Students can also agree to have their math question answered live during the hour-long show.

Math? Not a Problem! Just call 813.840.7260 Thursdays beginning at 5:30 pm. View live on the web from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm or on Spectrum channel 635 or Frontier channel 32 every Thursday evening.

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be Hurricane PreparedIt’s Still Hurricane Season – Are you ready? The most important thing that you can do is to be informed and prepared! Disaster prevention includes both being prepared as well as being safe.
  • Prepare a hurricane survival kit that includes food, water, medicine, and batteries for you, your family, and your pets.
  • Secure important documents, including insurance papers in waterproof bags or containers.
  • Pre-register special needs or elderly residents that may need assistance at a Special Needs Shelter.
  • Hurricane preparedness information, along with hurricane evacuation zones and shelters can be found in the online. Printed guides also are available at post offices, fire stations, public libraries, and the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center.
  • Know your evacuation zone and where you're going to go if an evacuation is ordered.
  • Keep up with weather developments and official instructions as storms form so you have plenty of time to secure your home, boat, pets, and family.
For hurricane information contact Hillsborough County Emergency Management at 236.3800 or http://www.hillsboroughcounty.org/en/residents/public-safety/emergency-management/stay-safe.

Palm trees in hurricaneHurricane Info. - It is important for you to know your hurricane facts and understand common terms used during hurricane forecasts. Here are some important terms you may hear:
  • Tropical Storm Watch: Tropical storm conditions are possible in the area.
  • Hurricane Watch: Hurricane conditions are possible in the area. Watches are issued 48 hours in advance of the anticipated onset of tropical storm force winds.
  • Tropical Storm Warning: Tropical storm conditions are expected in the area.
  • Hurricane Warning: Hurricane conditions are expected in the area. Warnings are issued 36 hours in advance of tropical storm force winds.
  • Eye: Clear, sometimes well-defined center of the storm with calmer conditions.
  • Eye Wall: Surrounding the eye, contains some of the most severe weather of the storm with the highest wind speed and largest precipitation.
  • Rain Bands: Bands coming off the cyclone that produce severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind and tornadoes.
  • Storm Surge: An often underestimated and deadly result of ocean water swelling as a result of a landfalling storm, and quickly flooding coastal and sometimes areas further inland.
Prepare Your Property
Hurricanes, tropical systems, and even intense afternoon thunderstorms can cause serious damage. Here are steps you can take to get your property disaster ready:
  • Remove trees with rotting trunks, and trim limbs and shrubs near your house.
  • Clean rain gutters and drain pipes, ensuring no obstacles block the flow of water.
  • Move patio furniture, potted plants, bird baths, and other lightweight, unsecured items indoors. Items that can’t be moved indoors should be tied down or secured.
  • Turn over objects that collect rainfall and can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • Keep your insurance information and other important documents in a fireproof, waterproof safe or box. Inventory everything you have with video or photos.
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School crossing signSheriff’s Office Needs School Crossing Guards — The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is looking to fill crossing guard positions throughout Hillsborough County. Positions are available for elementary and middle schools. Crossing Guards are responsible for the safety of children crossing busy streets and intersections to and from school. It is necessary to maintain a pleasant, courteous, and helpful attitude toward the school children and the general public at all times. For information call Manager Kinchelo at 247.0948 or Google Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office - Crossing Guards. Applications available online.

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Children's Board Hillsborough County - www.ChildrensBoard.orgThe Children’s Board Family Resource Center located at 7520 West Waters Ave, near Hanley & Waters, offers programs and services emphasizing family support, child development, health and safety, and learning success.

The Center offers the following for adults and children:
  • Developmental Playgroups
  • Developmental Screening
  • Car Seat Safety Classes
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Mobile Clinic Services including: Child Well Care, Immunizations, Vision and Hearing Screenings
  • Family Service Coordination
  • Ready to Learn Assistance, including Math tutoring for grades 1–8 and English Language tutoring for grades K-3
  • Healthcare Enrollment Assistance
  • Family Counseling
  • Mobile Dental Services
  • Information and Referrals
  • A Variety of Center-Driven Activities
For additional information call 813.356.1703.

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Tip 411 logo Tip411 for you electronic device This tool from the Sheriff will help to keep our county safe. All you have to do is download it to your smartphone or tablet. Tip-411 is simple yet effective. You can find the app through the Apple App store or Google Play. Enter “HCSOSHERIFF” (no space). Download it and keep it handy. Tip-411 is easy to use. To send the Sheriff a tip, press “New Tip”. You can also include a photograph or video. Just touch the camera icon at the bottom. All tips transmit instantly to the HCSO Communications Center, where the information is directed to the appropriate area (patrol, narcotics, warrants, etc.). The Sheriff monitors Tip-411 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. All tips are anonymous.

Remember: in the event of an emergency, always dial 9-1-1.

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For County Services, Who Do You Call? Contact Hillsborough County at 272.5900, a one-stop county service and information center! The center provides comprehensive information and referral to all government, health, and social services in the community. It coordinates government service requests and handles complaints quickly and courteously. This office works with all county departments to ensure you receive accurate and timely responses.

Hillsborough County Information – 272.5900 – Se Habla Espano

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